I am a Designer.

Like many of you, I've seen the emergence of the designer as a valued part of the strategic process. This value is being recognized more and more by savvy business leaders. Whether it's strategic positioning or creating aesthetically unique brands, designers have the ability to positively affect your bottom-line.

In two decades, my experience has the run the gamut from creating logos, designing in print media to creative direction for digital platforms. The one true thing that has bound these seemingly disparate disciplines together is that success is tied to effective communication.

Creating a brand from the ground up? Bringing to life that corporate identity that was previously an afterthought? Resuscitating marketing collateral that has been haphazard? Whatever your challenges, I can provide you with consistency across all your materials.

I've seen it all. I research design trends and seek out all things concerning my chosen (and deeply loved) field of graphic design. To describe me as a design nerd is putting it mildly. Please click through my work and you'll see what I mean.

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